Top 5 Reasons Why Our Contest Sucked (and how to avoid these mistakes)

Two weeks ago I threw a contest to gain traffic for our newly launched blog. I’ve seen it done many times before and have even entered contests myself. In fact, one time I even won. However, this contest was not what I expected. No one entered.


5. A Mediocre Prize

I offered $75 ($50 for you, $25 for your favorite Charity) and some recognition. Apparently, it was not enough. Had I done it over, I would’ve contacted other businesses to contribute prizes.

4. Friends Won’t Take Your Money

I have friends who said they were going to enter but didn’t want to “take my money.” I’m guessing that if the prize was donated by another business and wasn’t coming out of my pocket they would have entered.

3. Confusion

Don’t ask for more than one thing. There should not be a “Part A” and “Part B” for entering a contest. Make it dead-beat simple. The more entries the better. The goal is to create buzz in your target market.

2. Preparation

Before I launched the blog (I probably shouldn’t be telling you this) I asked a few trusted friends to comment on some of the posts. I was banking on “the law of social proof” that people would be more likely to comment if they saw other people had commented as well.

I could have made a similar request for the contest but would have asked a different group of friends.

WWU Students

1. My Target Market Is Not My Audience… Yet

We have so much appreciation for everyone who supports what we are trying to do. At the same time…



Enter the SuperNack Contest for a chance to win some New Year’s Cash

– Please leave you 50-100 word entries in the comment section below.
– If you have helped promote SuperNack as described in the video, please make that known in the comment section below.
– Make sure to enter your email address in the space provided so I can notify you if you’ve won.
– All entries must be submitted by Saturday, January 2nd at 11:59pm.
– Ryan Rotz reserves the right to cancel this contest at anytime.

A few ideas to help promote SuperNack:

– RT@RyanRotz One day left for the contest. If no one enters I think I’ll donate the $ to George W Bush (plz RT)

– RT @SuperNack: CONTEST: Who do YOU think puts out really great content? Tell @SuperNack for a chance to win

– Repost a SuperNack video on your blog

– ‘Share’ a SuperNack video from our Facebook page and post it on your profile



SuperNack Update #1

Here’s a quick update on the development of including:
1. New and Exciting News
2. Technical Update
3. Business And Marketing
4. Struggles
5. Things We’ve Learned

NOTE: The contest mentioned starts TOMORROW