Resources for Every Entrepreneur (Interview from GenJuice Seattle)

What is Genjuice?

GenJuice is a national tour for Gen Y entrepreneurs and innovators:

“Our mission is to encourage, mobilize and connect over 1,300 young people across the nation to start projects and companies by connecting them together and equipping these young go-getters with the resources they need to succeed.”

Pretty cool huh? If you would like to get involved, contact @meetgenjuice or visit

Tour Dates:
Washington D.C. July 14
Atlanta July 18
Austin July 22
Phoenix July 25
San Diego July 27
Los Angeles July 31

A hearty thanks to @Ariellescott, @VirgiliaSing , and @DanielleLeslie for making this happen!



Expert Interview #1 – Mike Egan of Microsoft

This summer I got the chance to interview Mike Egan, Microsoft’s Director of Corporate Affairs. In addition to being just about the nicest guy you’ve ever met, Mike travels the world, giving people the inside scoop on what’s next for Microsoft.

In part one of the interview, Mike gives some advice for tech startups.